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Student Support

Resources for Boise State Bachelor of Applied Science Students

Boise State offers many resources to help students succeed during their college career.

Academic Resources

Tutoring,   (208) 426-4049
Free academic tutoring is available to Boise State students in a variety of subjects.
Writing Center,   (208) 426-1298
Boise State’s Writing Center offers one-on-one consultations on any writing project at any stage of the writing process.
eCampus,   (208) 426-1709
If you have never taken or are having a difficult time with an online course or if you are trying to find online courses to complete your degree, Boise State eCampus has many resources to assist you. Additional online student resources can be found here.
Testing,   (208) 426-2762
University Testing Services provides high-quality testing and instructional assessment services including Admissions Tests, Placement Tests, and Credit for Prior Learning Assessments, among others.

Personal Care Resources

Counseling,   (208) 426-1459
Boise State’s Counseling Center is here to help you tap into your strengths; deal more effectively with life concerns; find the resources you need; and achieve personal and academic goals.
CARE,   Non-Emergency – (208) 426-1527       Emergency – 911
The Campus Assessment Resource and Education (CARE) Team provides assistance to the university community to help assess and find solutions for managing distressing, disturbing, disruptive, and dangerous behaviors. If you recognize these behaviors in yourself or in another, fill out a CARE report or request a CARE consultation and a member of the CARE Team will follow up and determine the best way to handle the situation.
Health Services,    (208) 426-1459
Boise State Health Services provides comprehensive, high-quality health care to the campus community to all students regardless of insurance coverage.

Financial Resources

Financial Aid,   (208) 426-1664  or  (800) 824-7017
Financial Aid connects students to different sources of funding to cover costs associated with attending Boise State University
Dean of Students,   (208) 426-1527
Students who find themselves in a one-time financial emergency that may prevent them from continuing at Boise State are able to request funding from the Dean of Student’s Student Emergency Fund.

Campus Resources

Registrar’s Office,   (208)426-4249
The Office of the Registrar is an information resource that assists students in successfully navigating their academic journey.
Help Desk,   (208) 426-4357
The Office of Information Technology assists students with applications and technology utilized by Boise State University.
Educational Access Center,   (208) 426-1583
The Disability Resource Center helps make accommodations for students with documented disabilities so that they may have a successful experience at Boise State.
Transportation and Parking,   (208) 426-7275
Transportation and Parking is an important resource for students who commute to campus and need to purchase a parking permit, access traffic alerts, pay a citation, and more.
Veteran’s Services,   (208) 426-3744
Boise State’ Veteran Services offers resources and support to Veteran students.
Career Center,   (208) 426-1747
The Career Center assists you with your plans to start, transition or enhance your career.
Academic Calendar
For important dates such as last day to add or drop a course, financial aid deadlines, and more view the academic calendar.
Campus Security,   (208) 426-6911
To report a crime that is not an emergency or suspicious activity, members of the campus community should contact Campus Security and Police Services at 208-426-6911. For emergencies, always dial 911.
TRIO Student Success,   (208) 426-3572
TRIO provides academic opportunities for first generation and low-income students.
Children’s Center,   (208) 426-4404
The Boise State Children’s Center provides childcare to full and part time Boise State students.

If you have questions on which resource would best fit your needs or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us. The Bachelor of Applied Science staff is also a resource that you can utilize at any time.

Contact us for more information about the Bachelor of Applied Science Program.

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