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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) provide students with knowledge in the hard sciences that can be applied in a multitude of professional fields. The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Minors and Areas of Emphasis complement the themes of the Bachelor of Applied Science degree and meet the Program’s educational objectives. If you are interested in a STEM program that is not listed, please discuss it with the Academic Advisor.


Health Science Studies

The Health Science Emphasis provides students with the intellectual skills to succeed in a variety of clinical and non-clinical health-related careers. The curriculum provides students with a strong health science knowledge base.

Download Health-Science-Emphasis_BAS.pdf: PDF:



Applied Mathematics Minor

The applied mathematics minor prepares students for jobs in areas such as statistics, mathematical modeling, computational science, business management and consulting.

Download Applied-Mathematics_BAS-Area-of-Emphasis-2018.pdf: PDF:

Biology Minor

Students gain an understanding of living organisms, of how organisms interact with their environment, and of the process of biological investigation. The curriculum provides students with a knowledge base in molecular, cellular, organismal, ecological, and evolutionary biology.

Download Biology-Minor_BAS-Area-of-Emphasis-2018.pdf: PDF:

Chemistry Minor

Students work in a congenial, high-energy environment with an outstanding faculty dedicated to improving the understanding of science. Going beyond the traditional classroom and laboratory, students work in real-world research laboratories with faculty to answer today’s pressing science questions.

Download Chemistry-Minor_-BAS-Area-of-Emphasis-2018.pdf: PDF:

Addiction Studies Minor

Course offerings in Addiction Studies allow students to look at addictions as they affect the individual, the family, the community, and society. The Addiction Studies minor provides students with a concentration of courses in the field of addictions and prepares them to become a Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselors (CADC) through the Idaho Board for Alcohol/Drug Counselor Certification (IBADCC).

Download Addiction-Studies-Minor_BAS-Area-of-Emphasis-2018.pdf: PDF:

Mathematics Minor

This minor is designed to prepare the student either for more advanced study in mathematics itself or for careers in any of the increasingly wide variety of areas where mathematical tools and thinking play an essential role. In addition to mastering specific mathematical content, mathematics majors develop excellent general skills in problem solving and precise analytical thinking.

Download Mathematics-Minor_BAS-Area-of-Emphasis-2018.pdf: PDF:

Physics Minor

Physics is the study of matter, motion, force, and energy – from the very small (quarks) to the very large (the universe), and every length scale in between, including the rich variety of phenomena we encounter in everyday life. In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of how the world works, physics students develop skills of observation, analysis, model-building, and problem-solving that lead to success in a broad variety of careers in industry, government, law, education, and the professions, such as law and medicine.

Download Physics-Minor_BAS-Area-of-Emphasis-2018.pdf: PDF:

Geospatial Information Analysis Minor

This minor is interdisciplinary in its application of geospatial technologies towards solving problems with spatial elements and is open to students of any major where geospatial information technologies and analysis may be applied. This alignment of courses is designed to meet the demands in industry and research where demonstrable literacy in these technologies is required.

Download Geospatial-Information-Analysis-Minor_BAS-2018-Accessible.pdf: PDF:

Electrical Engineering Minor

The Electrical Engineering minor is designed to cover the fundamentals for all students, then allow the students to get an exposure to the EE core and electives of their choice. Students can either focus in semiconductors and circuits, Signals and Systems or Computer Engineering, or take an assortment of courses from all these fields.

Download Electrical-Engineering-Minor_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Environmental Studies Minor

The environmental studies program provides an excellent preparation for law school, for graduate school in public policy, the social sciences, the humanities, and for jobs with environmental organizations, governmental agencies, and industry.

Download Environmental-Studies-Minor_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Your Academic Advisor can help you select an area of emphasis or minor as well as make recommendations on electives to supplement your chosen degree plan.

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