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On-Campus Curriculum

Bachelor of Applied Science Curriculum Requirements

All Bachelor of Applied Science majors must complete the University Foundations Program requirements and all major requirements. You will work closely with the academic advisor to develop a detailed academic degree plan. Each academic degree plan is unique to the student and is created based on their chosen Area of Emphasis, minor, or certificate program.

Bachelor of Applied Science Curriculum

BAS 305 Introduction to the Applied Sciences1
BAS 310 Communication in the Applied Sciences3
BAS 425 Creating a Culture of Safety3
BAS 495 Capstone in the Applied Sciences3
A minimum of 15 upper division credits in one Area of Emphasis OR a minimum of 18 upper division credits in two Areas of Emphasis.15-18
Upper division internship, workshop, independent study, and seminar credits are limited to a combined total of 9 credits.13-16
Must be academic credits.6-9
BAS 100xf Applied Science Technical Electives40
ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing3
ENGL 102 Introduction to College Writing and Research3
UF 200 Foundations of Ethics and Diversity3
FM Mathematics course3
FN Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences course with a lab4
FN Natural, Physical, and Applied Science Course3
FH Humanities course3
FA Arts course3
FS Social Sciences course in a first field3
FS Social Sciences course in a second field3

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Required Courses

  • BAS 305 Introduction to the Applied Sciences (2-0-1) (F/S/SU). Examines the transition from technical expert to professional leader (AAS to BAS). Explores academic and career goal-setting, the connection of theory to practice, academic culture, academic integrity, the vital nature of an academic support community, and the qualities of a lifelong learner. PREREQ: Admission to the BAS Program.
  • BAS 310 Communication in the Applied Sciences (3-0-3)(F/S/SU)(CID). Examines principles and skills to prepare and execute effective written communication, oral presentations, and group communication activities. Common communication methods and principles will be covered, with an emphasis on critical thinking related to the student’s past learning and future professional goals. PREREQ: ENGL 102 and BAS 305.
  • BAS 425 Creating a Culture of Safety (3-0-3) (F/S/SU) Study of safety as a vital element of human behavior in society, business, and industry. Examines the safety responsibilities of leaders, managers, and supervisors, focuses on developing skills in planning, implementation, awareness, monitoring, and risk management, and covers governmental influence, hazard awareness and control, operational considerations in the workplace, accidents, and planning. COREQ: BAS 310.
  • BAS 495 Capstone in the Applied Sciences (3-0-3)(F/S/SU)(FF). Analysis of a contemporary problem or issue that is of interest to the student and that occurs in the student’s chosen academic/professional area of expertise. Projects will demonstrate knowledge of applied science, the ability to interpret data and relevant literature, ethical considerations and responsibilities, effective communication, and the ability to use relevant techniques to solve or assess the problem or issue. PREREQ: BAS 310 and 425.
  • UF 200 Civic and Ethical Foundations (3-0-3) (F/S/SU). Supports the Foundational Studies Program by engaging students in discussions of ethics, diversity, and internationalization. Courses include writing assignments and an experimental learning component. Topics may vary each time the course is taught. PREREQ: ENGL 102, UF 100, and sophomore status.

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