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Leadership and Business Technology

Courses in the Leadership and Business Technology programs provide students with the skills that prepare them for leadership roles in a broad range of professional fields. The Leadership and Business Technology Minors, Certificates, and Areas of Emphasis complement the themes of the Bachelor of Applied Science degree. If you are interested in a Leadership and Business Technology program that is not listed, please discuss it with the Academic Advisor.


Workplace Communication

Pursuing a Workplace Communication Minor provides opportunity to develop interpersonal skills and other communicative competencies necessary to promote quality relationships and collaborative workplaces.

Download Workplace-Communication-Minor_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

General Business

An Emphasis in Business will allow students to gain a basic understanding of general business practices. Students will learn about management, leadership, marketing, and economics and their application. Choosing a General Business Emphasis will prepare Bachelor of Applied Science students for careers in a broad range of professional fields.

Download General-Business-Emphasis_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:



Business Minor

The Business Bridge to Career minor was created for non-business majors, is delivered completely online, and covers basic business skills such as marketing and management, accounting and finance, organizational skills and more. Pairing a business minor with the Bachelor of Applied Science will help you translate your skills and education into a career in a wide variety of fields.

Download Business-Bridge-to-Career-Minor_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Computer Science Minor

The Computer Science Program will enable students to attain the abilities to apply knowledge of computing and mathematics, analyze a problem and identify the computing requirements appropriate to the solution, design, implement, and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired needs, as well as develop an understanding of the social issues and responsibilities of computing in society.

Download Computer-Science-Minor_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Construction Management Minor

The Construction Management Department defines a minor as a concentration in construction management courses for students who are not majoring in construction management. This minor allows students to obtain recognition for their work in construction management.

Download Construction-Management-Minor_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Nonprofit Management Minor

Students can pursue their interests in community development, policy, and nonprofit management. This minor allows you to expand your career opportunities, diversify your skill set and build your professional networks.

Download Nonprofit-Management-Minor_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Sustainability Minor

The Sustainability Minor prepares students to help organizations change the ways in which they design policies, processes, products and services, and allocate resources, by applying tools such as sustainable cost-benefit analyses and problem-solving strategies. The long-term goal of the Sustainability Minor is to provide students with the tools that they need in order to positively transform the organizations and communities with whom they interact, in ways that seek to balance social, environmental, and economic needs and impacts.

Download Sustainability-Minor_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Communication Minor

The communication discipline looks at how theories, philosophies, and the roles people assume, operate in personal and public arenas. We study how people articulate their ideas, create and interpret meaning, interact, and produce and analyze messages both face to face and through the media.

Download Communication-Minor_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Certificate In Dispute Resolution:Mediation Focus

Students learn the theoretical foundations of negotiation and mediation, types of mediation, mediation models, mediation casework skills, building the mediation plan, interpersonal communication skills for mediation, and various resolution techniques. Students will mediate several simulated and/or actual practice cases.

Download Disput-Res-Mediation-Focus_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Certificate in Dispute Resolution:Life Skills Focus

The new Life Skills Focus is intended to help those students who want to earn a Dispute Resolution Certificate, but cannot take time from work to complete the field internship—which most often occurs during weekdays in civil mediation programs provided at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise.

Download Disput-Res-Life-Skills-Focus_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Certificate in Technical Communication

The Certificate in Technical Communication is intended primarily for those students who do not wish to become professional technical communicators, but who wish to improve their writing and editing skills.

Download Technical-Communication_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Certificate in Leadership and Human Relations

The Certificate in Leadership and Human Relations is a 16 credit interdisciplinary and experiential program open to all Boise State University undergraduate students. The purpose of the program is to investigate ideas that promote an understanding of leadership and use those ideas to develop innovative, high integrity leaders who change the world.

Download Certificate-in-Leadership-and-Human-Relations_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Entrepreneurship Management Minor

The Entrepreneurship Management minor is appropriate for students who may wish to start their own business someday, work in a family-owned business, and/or work for smaller businesses. Admission to Boise State’s College of Business and Economics is required as a prerequisite for the courses included in the minor.

Download Entrepreneurship-Management-Minor_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Human Resource Management Minor

The Human Resources Management minor provides a solid foundation for those interested in the human resource management process of a business related to strategic management, workforce planning, human resource development, compensation and benefits, employee and labor relations, and risk management. Admission to Boise State’s College of Business and Economics is required as a prerequisite for the courses included in the minor.

Download Human-Resource-Management-Minor_BAS-2018.pdf: PDF:

Your Academic Advisor can help you select an area of emphasis or minor as well as make recommendations on electives to supplement your chosen degree plan.

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